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It is coming up to a year now since I attended the CEDRA EU Conference in   NUI Maynooth (10th June 2013) and pleased to hear that the report is now available. The report sets out a pretty broad remit but identifies a number of key recommendations.

It is encouraging first and foremost that this initiative had put “Rural” back on the map and that issues and recommendations are supported by some level of research and consultation. The vision as outlined by the CEDRA Report is that:

Rural Ireland will become a dynamic adaptable and outward looking multi-sectoral economy supporting vibrant, resilient and diverse communities experiencing a high quality of life with an energised relationship between rural and urban Ireland which will contribute to it’s sustainability for the benefit of society as a whole

As am entrepreneur, smallholder and parent in a rural area, I look forward to the implementation of the recommendations of this report. However I do not feel I have the luxury to “Wait & See”. Like many, I waited for many of the implementations of the “1999 White Paper of Rural Development… and waited…and waited…..