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The Canadian Centre for Community Renewal have been at the forefront of supporting Communities becoming mew Resilient. In 2000 they published the Community Resilience Manual. The Community Resilience Manual is for Rural Communities who want to make better decisions on how to mobilise and invest community resources. The manual aims to help rural communities cost effectively assess their own state of resilience and establish priorities for strengthening it. It also provides a set of resources by means of which communities can strengthen their ability to respond to, and influence the course of, social and economic change.

Find out more about the CCCR DOWNLOAD the Community Resilience Manual

While the Manual has been designed with Canadian Communities in Mind, it has, since it’s publication been adapted by several other countries. The Manual would be of particular use for rural communities in Ireland. If you are interested in using this approach with your community in Ireland, we’d like to hear from you. Please give me a call, Bernard Joyce (094)9067080 / (087)2254698 or email